Diné - Navajo

Jo’Hán Chánt’Ney

Nahalahi, Medicine Man of the Grand Canyon - Arizona

Alien and Keeper of the Diné Spiritual Heritage.
Owner of the KJC’s EAGLE CREATIONS©- Engineering and Communicative ArtsEst.1995 Grand Canyon, Arizona

  • Creator of the “Circular Medicine’s Act©” – Unconventional Healing Method
  • Expert of EthnoMedicine and Applied BioEnergetic and Healing Dances
  • Expert/Operator in Wellness and Holistic Line of the Inner Evolution Arts
  • Teacher/Operator 3L of the BioNatural and BioEnergetic Holistic Discipline
  • Operator of the Oriental Naturopathy, Sportive Massage and Wellness. Natl.Certif.
  • Teacher APS/AEF - Study Centre of Human Sciences and Naturopathic Techniques
  • Teacher - Study Center and Research of Natural Medicine
  • Docent at the Schools of Naturopathic Sciences
  • Docent Seminarian at the University of Medicine and Surgery in Ancona, Italy(EU)
  • Trainer and Technical Op. for Education in the National Sports Federation since 2015
  • Honorable Man of the World Yoga and Ayurveda Community – Worldwide Movement
  • Board Member of the ORYS – Organization in Research of Yoga & Science
  • Creator and Trainer of the Balance of Synergies intercultural project on 2016
  • Member of Spiritual Healing Congress since February 28th, 2020
  • Peace-Wisdom Keeper at the World Peace Summit 2020 - Video
  • Cofounder Member of the inernational group "Interaction" - www.sardegnainterazione.it
  • Writer, musician and ethno-traditional dancer for Well-Being processes.
  • Ancient Master of Ceremonies (Navajo Nation Government Office - Arizona, U.S.)

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Briefly of Jo'honaa'éí Hání

Nát’oh dóó Yé’ii Doone’e - Jo'Hán (Jo'honaa'éí Hání), from Tobacco and Giant Clans, one of the originally Diné groups unplaced at first in the Grand Canyon in Arizona and in relation with theAzee’tsho dine’é and Kinłichii’nii (the Big Medicine People and Red House People Clans). Before and between the two Worldwide Wars many members of his Ancestors were drafted into US Army behind a deportation program to Europe and Asia where they were sold to allied Countries. After that the ethnic identities were changed to lose their own tracks. On 1943 Roy Hawthorne, from the Clan of Kinłichii’nii, was inlisted in the US Marine Corps where he was obliged to create a Code (The Code Talkers) based on a Diné-Navajo language that US Army would use to win the Wars. Roy and many others before, had been sold for secret purposes so part of the ethnic linearity has had relations with European and Asian peoples. Someone returned to US in the Reserves, others unfortunately not. Plenty of descendant of the original Diné-Navajo Groups were born in Europe and Asia. Jo’Hán and Roy’s lineage belong to the same Group of Diné so they are related.A small part of Jo’Hán’s Ancestors were born in Europe from Native American families. Until today, the most of European countries deny Jo’ Hán membership of the Native American group. Motivations are under dipliomatic military secrets. Sensational case is in Italy, where the Governement has assigned and formalized as many as fourteen different names and surnames, one of which is female. “The tribal name cannot be accepted because it isn’t a name belonging to the Christian religion” - authorities said. “The meaning of Jo’Hán is comparable to Jesus Christ” – Religious authorities said. Jo’Hán (from Diné: He Who Speaks through the Stars) - Jo’Hán's meaning has neither the concept nor the energy of religious deities.
After that and for excellent activities and initiatives and honored reasons, the Office of the President of the Navajo Nation-Diné Tribe on 1995 and the NNHRC (Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission) on 2012, reconcile Jo’Hán by giving the role of "Alien and Keeper of the Diné Spiritual Heritage" all over the World. In 2018 he took part in the Diné Hataałi Council as Medicine Man, in Window Rock and The Office of the President and Vice President of the Navajo Nation congratulate him and finally opens the govern and diplomatic support for all what he's doing for the Diné Tribe and Navajo Nation, free of charge.

Jo'Han Chant'Ney speaks at the Navajo Nation Museum in Window Rock, AZ on 2018.- Diné-Navajo People in the past and today. -" All of You wanna be humble and proud to be a Native but chasing an American dream that it pulls away our Knowledge and take away from the Blessing Way.The Americans will never give us the freedom! For them we're fakes movie productions. Slowly they're still killing us even thought We served the US to win the wars. What we've to expect from them in change? Nothing good. We're talking about our future but the "stars and stripes" big ear is looking somewhere. We all need to arise again together without religions. Our Ancestors the Diyin Diné, are waiting us to embracing what we were not as today we're going to. I'm still praying for you all to not forget what our autenthic cosmic origins is. "

KJC’s Eagle Creations©< History.....
The KJC uppercase letters are the initials of the name.The “K” represents the word Knowlwdge and “JC” represent the Symbol of the Sun in Diné idiom Johoona and the Circle (or Chants, Song).The “’s” represents the Spirit that holds the following meanings, Eagle and Creations. Here it used as the genitive too.The “Eagle” is a miscegenation of the Sea Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus, from Greek ἅλς, hals "sea", αἰετός aietos "eagle", λευκός, leukos "white", κεφαλή, kephalē "head"), also known as the Bald Eagle and belongs to Neartic Realm; and the White-bellied Sea Eagle (Haliaeetus leucogaster), also known as the White-breasted Sea Eagle, now in decreasing, and belongs to Oceanic Realm.The "Creation" represents the becoming of the natural cosmic fluxes of energies in dynamic movement; extended meaning of the Power of Creation or "the Cosmo's Knowledge" (Life) understood as Will of the Creator, a Sacred Entity that wholes everything. It also means the Creativity into Communication and acts throught images, sounds, feelings and through all forms of Art of the Nature and Human.The "s" represents the plural form. There's not One Universe but more of Creative Entities that share time and space at same, therefore Universes.
The KJC’s Eagle Creations© was established by Jo’Hán Chánt’Ney on 1995 in the land of Grand Canyon, Arizona from where it takes name with the aim of to be a real reference for the People who want to know the truths without concept or idea based on religious beliefs or others impositions. At beginning the aim was to be a real reference for everyone who wants to share and preserve the Knowledge of the Ancient People or Ancestor to live in Freedom and Blessing Way. Then to let know to the Worldwide People the Truth of the Native American Tribes, in Southwest area of the U.S. particulary;

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