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The mechanism by which the "Wands of Horus" act on the human organism is multidimentional and fairly complicated. Therefore, we shall try to explain it in more basic terms that nonetheless convey fairly accurately the main idea of the process.
People who seek after knowledge are familiar with the concept of energy shells that, according to a certain Eastern tradition, make up the energy system of the human being. We know about the existence of the ethereal body, the astral body, the mental body and so on, up to the seventh energy body. But there is evidence that the ancient hierophants knew of the existence of several more energy bodies or shells, of which the present-day esoteric and other schools tell us nothing. The final energy body, still unknown to humanity today, is the shell through which each person has direct contact with what people call "God" or the "Source" of everything, all knowledge and energy. Through that shell we have a link to all the world around us, as we are part of the Great Creative Principle. Since we possess that shell, we are ourselves in a way sources of energy.
Let us examine the human energy structure from viewpoints more accessible to the present-day reader.
What people commonly call the "aura" or "biological field" is the consequence of the interaction of the vibrations of various energy layers (bodies) within the human energy system.
The existing names of the energy bodies in any of the familiar traditions is nothing more than an agreed convention. Therefore, for the convenience and ease of understanding particularly of a reader unfamiliar with "esoteric" doctrines, we shall call the first energy body "ethereal", the second "astral", the third "mental", and so on.
The human energy system consists of several energy bodies (levels), that differ in shape, energy density, and vibratory rhythm (frequency). Most importantly, though, they have different characteristics. In examining the effect of the Wands of Horus on the human organism, we shall stick to the first two energy bodies that are responsible directly for a person's bio-energetic rhythm and emotional state.
The first (ethereal) energy body consists of vibrations and temperature rhythms in the person's physical capsule. Therefore any process taking place in the physical body is immediately reflected in the first energy body.
For example, an inflammatory process has begun localised in the small of the back (lumbago). That is followed by oedema and an increase in temperature that immediately finds reflection in the altered shape and vibratory frequency of the corresponding part of the first energy body. Hence, influencing that part of the energy body and correcting the vibratory frequency leads to a reduction in the pain syndrome.
The lines of the first energy body precisely follow those of the physical body, forming an energy lay between 0.3 and 2-3 metres thick. The first energy body is the receptor and distributor of transformed cosmic energy - prana. It is through this body that our physical body becomes charged with the vital energy our organism needs.
The second, astral energy body is responsible for our emotional state and any nervous or psychological stress evokes changes in this body. The upsurge of emotions in stress leads to the destabilisation of the structure of the second energy body producing changes that subsequently lead to discomfort and neuro-psychological problems.
The human energy system has centres, known as chakras, through which the organism interacts with the outside world.
We can picture a chakra as a sort of energy vortex (or funnel). The transformed energy of the cosmos, the earth, water, sunlight enters the physical body through the chakras. The chakras, being the immediate conductors of energy that has been processed in the energy system pass it on to the person's endocrine system. All the chakras are connected to our physical body and are sort of projections of the endocrine system.
The main energy centres, while being projections of the endocrine system, also have their own projections. The first chakra has projections on the feet; the seventh chakra on the palms.
As soon as we pick up the "Wands of Horus" several parallel processes begin simultaneously.

One of the key components of the "Wands of Horus" mechanism is the effect of synchronization of the energy structure (vibrations of energy bodies) of a human being with an energy structure (vibrations of the aura) of the Earth.
This mechanism was reflected in the hermetic and simultaneously
cosmo-planetary principle of "Anthropic similarity", laying at the bases
of the ancient doctrine of the unity of the structure of
the Human being, the Earth and the Universe.
Main idea is reflected in "Emirald Tablet of Hermes", which speaks directly of necessaty of synchronization with the energies of the Earth, as the source of that energies:
«And in the same way as all things emerged from the One through the agency of the One, so all things were born of this Single Essence through adaptation (synchronization).
« KA is the father of this essence, BA its mother. The energy vortex carried it in its womb. The Earth is the source of that energy.
«This 'Energy' is the father of all manner of perfection in the whole Universe. Its strength remains whole when it is being structured. You separate structuring energy from stimulating energy, its subtle form from the crude once, carefully and with great skill.
This 'energy' rises from the Earth to the heaven and descends again to the Earth, acquiring the properties of both the highest and the lowest energy planes (energy shells). Using this mechanism you shall obtain the properties belonging to the energy shells of the Universe. As a result you will be freed of any imbalances
(all evil)

"This 'energy' is the force of all forces, because it is capable of transforming any, even the most refined thing and penetrating any solid thing. Thus was the World created. By this way wonderful forms will arise, the mechanism of which is such".
How can you transfer the vibrations emitted by the Earth to humans ... 

The effect of electromagnetic induction

Human beings are an inseparable part of the ecosystem and, as such, profoundly dependent on their environment. The Earth, as a living organism, has created special energo-ecological conditions, in the 'lap' of which all living things have been born and are developing. As soon as we begin to distance ourselves from nature it has a negative effect on our health.
All vital processes in nature take place at the level of the interaction of electromagnetic fields. Therefore the weak currents of natural origin induced on the Wands of Horus begin to act on the nerve endings located in the palms when we pick up the wands.
Back at the beginning of the last century Academician A.V. Leontovich discovered that a nerve takes the form of a cylindrical capacitor, with its own self-induction. Accordingly, the natural currents induced on the nerve endings acts on a substance in the nerve filaments that is an electrolyte with a highly complex chemistry.
The natural electromagnetic wave induced on the nerve endings has a stimulating effect on the entire nervous system, initiating complex electrochemical processes that lead to a general stabilisation of the nervous system. (Detailed information about the action of the "Wands of Horus" on the nervous system will be given in the medical instructions for the use of the Wands of Horus).

The galvanic effect

As you probably know, copper and zinc are a galvanic couple. As soon as you take the cylinders in your two hands a potential difference of 0.8–1 volt, sometimes more, forms between them.
The magnetic and electrical field acts effectively on the blood because it is made up of electrically charged particles. Any chemical reaction in our bodies comes down to the interaction of charged particles.
The main electrochemical parameter of the blood (pH) is determined by the number of positive electrical charges carried by positive hydrogen ions in proportion to the number of negative electrical charges carried by hydroxyl ions ( OH-).
If there are the same number of positive and negative charges, then overall the blood is electrically neutral, since charges of opposite sign cancel each other out. This is the optimal state necessary for the normal functioning of the organism. It is in this state that many vital processes can proceed (such as the breaking down of proteins). Changes in the ratio of positive and negative ions, produced, for example, as a result of solar and magnetic storms, lead to a whole number of seriousfunctional disruptions in the organism.
The presence of a potential difference formed between the wands causes the process of balancing out (harmonizing) the ratio of charged particles.
The stimulation by the electric current formed between the Wands of Horus encourages ATP synthesis, improves blood flow to the tissues and activates certain genes, hitherto dormant in the molecules of DNA (Detailed information about the physicochemical processes that take place in the organism will be presented in a separate appendix to the instructions for use of the Wands of Horus).

The piezoelectric effect

(The "Wands of Horus" with quartz feelings)The human organism is, as we know, a kind of electrical generator. When we pick up the wands we immediately pass our own electricity on to them. As a result of this and the galvanic effect a polarisation of the quartz crystals in the wands takes place. With the appearance of a potential difference between the ends of a crystal a mild excitement of its crystal lattice takes place. This results in an increase in the energy level of the crystal and the activity of the energy flow proceeding from the crystal.
At the same time, the potential difference arising between the ends of the crystal causes the appearance of electromagnetic oscillations across a broad spectrum — the piezoelectric effect90. This property of quartz is used in quartz watches and quartz generators producing electromagnetic waves (oscillations) of amazing stability.
All the vital processes in the human organism are regulated by the hormonal system in which the hypothalamus and hypophysis play the role of both conductor and internal doctor. The weak electric signals produced by the hypothalamus-hypophysis system with the aid of which regulatory functions are carried out within the organism are intensified by coming into resonance with the electromagnetic oscillations generated by the quartz. The result is a singling out of those signals and vibrations required at that specific moment to correct and restore the biorhythms of the organs and systems of the organism. This is fundamentally important, since any violations in the organism begin with the disturbance of biorhythms.
Remembering that the Wands of Horus are a sort of miniature model of certain energy processes taking place in the biosphere and a person's environment, let us examine them.
When a difference in potentials appear at the ends of the crystals, their polarization occurs, which leads to a weak excitation of their crystal lattice and the beginning of generation of certain electromagnetic oscillations. The same process takes place in the bowels of our planet.
The Earth's crust contains about 72% quartz. Self-stimulation and polarisation of the quartz in the crust occurs through the constant spread through the Earth of acoustic waves and electrical discharges formed as a result of the deformation of the crust, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and the tidal influence of the Sun, Moon and other planets.
As far back as the early 1940s the American physicist Thomas Townsend Brown established that (with the passage through them of cosmic radiation) many types of granite become electrically polarized, in other words they behave like galvanic cells or batteries. The potential difference can reach 700 millivolts, its size changing with the sidereal solar cycles.
By 1970 Brown had come to the conclusion that high-frequency gravitational radiation constantly generated by astronomical objects in outer space and captured by granite rocks, is also transformed into DC electricity.
As a result of these processes, the quartz in the crust, generating electromagnetic oscillations across a broad spectrum, creates an electromagnetic (energy) medium in which life exists and through which the interaction of all living things in the cosmos takes place.
This electromagnetic (energy) cocoon of the Earth is the carrier of oscillations associated with the source of life on Earth that stimulates the development of reason and numerous forms of life. It is this medium that is scanned by the alpha waves of the brain.
But the central factor in the process of mechanical action on the quartz in the core is so called 'Earth breathing'. Our planet 'breathes' like a living organism. The 'inhaling' and 'exhaling' are accompanied by propagation (passing) of special energetic impulse. This impulse generates a particular electromagnetic wave which has a strict period (cyclicality) that imparts a certain rhythm to all processes occurring in the biosphere and Noosphere. This rhythm plays a very important role in the life functions of the planet, determining the planet's own frequency (Ren) in low-frequency range (See Appendix N19 in the "Wands of Horus" book)
Through harmonic resonance and effect of an induction, electromagnetic and energetic waves of the Earth, are induced (transferred) to the Wands of Horus and to the person energy structure, render stimulating effect on the organism in whole (correction of biological rhythms). At the same time, when we hold the "Wands of Horus" in our hands, under the influence of the human biological field through the projection of the corresponding energetic centres, located in the palms, they begin to activate the 6th and 7th chakras, and the 6th and 7th energy structures connected to those chakras.
On the physical plane there is stimulation of the hypothalamus and hypophysis as they are projections of those energy centres in the physical human body.

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