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Energy fields generated by pyramids and structures, whose geometry is based on "anthropo-similarity", golden ratio as well as dynamic geometry are of key importance to man in every day life as well as for spiritual development.

Energy systems for home and office strengthening the immune system, slowing down ageing processes, stimulating creativity as well as increasing efficiency.

Benefits of using Home-Office pyramids in work as well as living areas:
Strengthening immunity Increased overall tone and resistance to infection in the workplace as well as at home
Stress resistance Harmonization of the flow of inner biological time allows for a state of emotional balance regardless of external circumstances
Meditation Increased effectiveness of meditative practices, heightening of overall sensitivity through energy field condensing, expansion of the aura and enhanced conductivity of the energy channels, harmonization of the Yin-Yang time flow
Structuring of water, juices and beverages With the help of the pyramid, water-containing products can be programmed and given the properties of "dead" or "living" water.
Increasing effectiveness and digestibility of vitamin supplements as well as allopathic and homeopathic medicines
Increase in performance The pyramid field allows for the establishment of an effective mental interaction within the team
Physical exercises as well as yoga in the area of the pyramid field allows to increase your vibration and reach new heights in self-improvement through interaction with energy fields of a higher level
The pyramid field facilitates a more intense and deeper effect of osteopathic and kinesiological techniques, manual therapy as well as all types of massage


Unique propertiesHome-Office pyramids are indispensable in today's lifestyle

A pyramid placed in the living area 

  • improves the energy-ecological environment of the home;
  • stimulates the immune, nervous and endocrine systems of those who regularly stay here;
  • positively affects their mental (brain) activity as well as work performance;
  • has a beneficial effect on the entire organism;
  • allows the use of molecular-structured water in food preparation for the prevention and treatment of various diseases.

Placing a Home pyramid the bedroom 

  • restores (harmonizes) the organism's biorhythms;
  • restores the overall energy balance;
  • stabilizes the nervous system;
  • helps to improve sleep;
  • provides fast recovery after physical exertion;
  • strengthens the organism's protective functions, increasing virus resistance;
  • activates the process of cell division and renewal (regeneration and rejuvenation of body cells).

Placing a Home pyramid the bedroom 

  • restores (harmonizes) the organism's biorhythms;
  • restores the overall energy balance;
  • stabilizes the nervous system;
  • helps to improve sleep;
  • provides fast recovery after physical exertion;
  • strengthens the organism's protective functions, increasing virus resistance;
  • activates the process of cell division and renewal (regeneration and rejuvenation of body cells).

    Placing a Home pyramid the bedroom
    • restores (harmonizes) the organism's biorhythms;
    • restores the overall energy balance;
    • stabilizes the nervous system;
    • helps to improve sleep;
    • provides fast recovery after physical exertion;
    • strengthens the organism's protective functions, increasing virus resistance;
    • activates the process of cell division and renewal (regeneration and rejuvenation of body cells).

      Exposure of allopathic as well as homeopathic medicines and vitamin supplements to the pyramid field
      • increases the virus-inhibiting effect of medicines by up to 100%;
      • allows a gradual reduction of the required dose of essential medicines (such as insulin) without loss of effectiveness;
      • activates the effectiveness of vitamins, improves their uptake by the organism (including those contained in foods), increases the effectiveness of dietary supplements and herbs.

        Pyramid-field-exposed drinking water
        • has a strong immune-modulatory effect;
        • has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract restoring its acid-base balance;
        • increases stress-resistance and resistance to viral infections;
        • has a rejuvenating effect on the body;
        • slows down autoimmune processes and harmonizes the internal biological time flow of the cells;
        • has pronounced anticarcinogenic properties.

Placed in a room for osteopathy or massage the pyramid deepens the effect on the body making the effect of the treatment last longer;

  • increases the effectiveness of massage and essential oils by 400% after exposure to the pyramid field (on the first or second level);
  • increases the diagnostic accuracy of the brain (the third eye) or hands and improves the therapist's safety in interacting with the energies of another person.
  • The use of Home-Office pyramids in places for yoga, meditation, energy practices and awareness techniques
    • stabilizes the energy potential obtained during meditations and practical exercises;
    • allows to reach deeper meditative states;
    • contributes to the harmonization of the inner psycho-emotional state,
    • allows to balance the nervous system, adjusting the biofield in a shorter time, crucial for entering into deep meditative states and further development of the energy potential;
    • stimulates the energy centers (chakras) increasing the energy cocoon (aura) of the person;
    • activates the conductivity of the energy channels, increasing sensitivity.

      GDV-diagnosis of the aura(gas discharge visualization of the biofield) shows an increase in the energy shell within 15-minute stay in the pyramid field. READ MORE

      Design and parameters of the Home-Office pyramid
      • The Home-Office pyramid is a result of research in the field of paleo-science and paleo-technology.
      • More than 20 years of research into the effect of the pyramid field, conducted on the basis of the Russian Academy of Sciences, has shown that pyramids can be of invaluable help and become an integral part of human life.

        The pyramid is made of glass (mirrored) as well as a large quartz pyramidion.
        Height of the pyramid 1466 mm (146.6 cm) Width of its base 735 x 735 mm Width of the 2-level table 850 x 850 mm (85 cm)
        • Inside the pyramid is a seven-level energy source, tuned to the organism and the human energy system. The source is based on quartz crystals from Tibet and Brazil that were exposed to the energy of the temple of Ajanta (India).

          The body of the pyramid is made of 8 mm thick glass topped by a quartz pyramidion. The height of the pyramid body including pyramidion is 1466 mm (a multiple of the 1/100 height of the pyramid of Cheops), its base is 73.5 cm. The shape of the pyramid differs from the familiar outlines of the Cheops pyramid. The angle of its faces to the base is changed to increase the intensity of the pyramid's structuring field.
          The pyramid is mounted on a special base made of wood or polycarbonate. Inside is a special multi-level energy source. The source is configurable and can be tuned to an individual to stimulate the hormone, immune and nervous systems, as well as to specific earth energy flows for the overall improvement of the energy of the surrounding space. The choice depends on the desired functionality and is done in consultation with our specialists.
    • By selecting the crystals and configuring the energy source, the pyramid can be adapted to the desired functionality. The crystals and minerals are selected from deposits in Brazil, the Himalayas, India, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Russia, depending on their specific properties and the task to be performed by the pyramid. Some elements of the energy source are exposed to the energy field of the temple of Ajanta (India), giving the respective crystals and minerals further unique properties.
      The price of such a pyramid is determined by:
      - the materials used,
      - the individual parameters of the pyramid (when tuned to a specific person or task),
      - the types and specific characteristics of the minerals used,
      - use of special energy reflective coatings,
      - configuration and levels of which the energy source is made up of (depending on the task to be performed, from healing and increasing the energy of an individual, supporting group meditation, stimulating and developing creativity in children and adults, up to improving productivity),
      - number of pyramids ordered. KYSY LISÄÄ

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